Since mankind first became fascinated by beautiful things, orchids have exerted a potent allure for, unlike gemstones and precious metals where scarcity is often a feature of their value, the 'Royal Family of Plants' achieves a diversity of beauty, colour and form that has little to do with rarity, but rather an expression of nature's genius to dazzle and enthral. Indeed, far from being rare, there are more than 20,000 species of orchids and the genus is one of the largest groups of flowering plants in the world.

Since the dawning of pre-history the subtly mesmerising living flora that make up the orchid family have exerted a world-wide fascination. Like exotic butterflies their beauty and mystery is fleeting yet, unlike lifeless jewels and precious metals, the loveliness of orchids lives and evolves. Intense international competition exists amongst breeders as they develop new hybrids, resulting in stunning shapes, colours and blooms.

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