One of the finest collections of orchids in all the world is to be found at the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, deep in the heart of the Jersey countryside at Victoria Village, Trinity, which is housed in a new purpose-built nursery and exhibition complex formally opened in June 2001.

Exhibitors at many of the major presentations around the world, this unique collection has won many prestigious international awards, establishing an unrivalled world-wide reputation and the skills of the Jersey breeders is universally acknowledged to be unsurpassed.

The Foundation was established in 1958 by the late Eric Young, a trained scientist who, even from childhood, was a gifted horticulturist. Before his untimely death he had developed one of the finest collections of orchids anywhere in the world.

But this was no private passion. Eric Young's dream was for the foundation to maintain and develop the collection in perpetuity to enable everyone to enjoy its splendour and excellence. Today the dream, in its new complex, is a glorious reality.

The display house is open to the public and features permanently planted landscapes that create a heady and exotic environment using raised beds, traditional Jersey granite, logs and branches, to show the orchids in all their compelling and extravagant beauty - a visual enchantment and a unique experience.

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